Barcelona Historic loss since 1946, Crushed by Bayern Munich in the Quarter final


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In a complete disaster Barcelona lost 2-8 to Bayern Munich in a champions league.

At the time when Barcelona announced their Lineups for this game, the fans started questioning the decision as throughout these last few days its been talked about how Barcelona needs to adapt and attack the High defensive line of Bayern Munich and for that purpose, Barcelona needs to bring in players Ousmane Dembele and Ansu Fati but when the lineups were announced the only attacking players that Barcelona had were Suarez and Leonel Messi.

Final Line up – Barcelona

Analysis of the game

In the first half when Barcelona was attacking all of the attention and all of the passes were going to Luis Saurez and he was put in a position where he had to attack at open spaces but unfortunately, Suarez does not have the athleticism to attack those open spaces and then every time when Vidal, Sergio Roberto, Semedo and Messi were putting out the ball it was going to Luis Saurez but he could not Capitalize on it, that was enough to understand how Quique Setien has got the line-up wrong by excluding Dembele who has signed a five-year contract with Barcelona for a whopping 105 million euros.

Bayern did leave spaces behind as expected but Barcelona had no players to run through those spaces, Jordi Alba and Vidal were not quick enough, in fact, it got so bad throughout the first half that it got even to a moment where Messi had to look for Lenglet multiple times either through a set piece or a corner kick.

Bayern Munich totally suffocated Barcelona’s player from the midfield to the defense, it seemed Bayern Munich knew exactly what Barcelona’s kryptonite was and that was to suffocate their players and force the mistakes out of them, and this is exactly what everyone saw as their players were making silly mistakes in the first half where it ended at 4-1. They scored the first four goals without Lewandowski who is considered Bayern Munich’s star player

It looked like that Barcelona has still not recovered from Anfield, where they lost to Liverpool and were eliminated from the champions league, as it looked like a repeat of whatever happened last year, again the mistakes were coming from Sergio Roberto, Nelson Semedo, Jordi Alba, It seemed Barcelona players were not able to absorb the pressure and intensity that Bayern Munich did bring into the game as a team.

Messi totally Dejected.

Barcelona’s Defense was also a total embarrassment for the club, it seemed like they were totally nervous and did not know what to do, they were doing all kind of ridiculous mistakes,

Going into the second half Sergio Roberto was not doing anything nor defensively neither offensively so Griezmann came in to defend but still, Barcelona lacked the players in the midfield to feed the balls to Luis Saurez or Leonel Messi, Barcelona continued to make mistakes throughout the second half as well, in the last 10 minutes Coutinho came in for Bayern Munich and in those 10 minutes he scored two goals, it was a total disaster for Barcelona, Bayern Munich moves into the semi-finals as they were the better team yesterday out of the two.

Barcelona ended their 2020 season without a trophy, Barcelona’s Coach Quique Setien and other staff have been criticized for not doing his homework properly. The Updated reports suggest that Barcelona has already sacked coach Quique Setien, According to ESPN they have also stated that Barcelona is now looking for other coaches, The 61-year-old Setien was only appointed in January, earlier this year

After the Match Setian told reporters, “Right now we feel enormous frustration and all we can do is make conclusions and think about the future,” he said after the match.


Barca is a club that is so great that this will cause us a lot of damage and obviously some things will have to change. The truth is this is a tremendously painful defeat. Barcelona wants to recover their identity.  Right now, it’s too soon to think about whether I will stay or not. It doesn’t depend on me,”

Gerard Piqué center-back for Barcelona said, “We must all reflect, the club needs changes and I am not talking about the coach or the players” Gerard Piqué told to the media after the historic loss.

“I do not want to single out anyone, structurally the club needs changes of all kinds because nobody is essential, if new blood has to come and change this dynamic, I am the first to offer to go.”

“Now we have hit rock bottom, we must all reflect internally and define what is best for Barca, which is the most important thing, a club like Barca has to be at the top winning and competing, what is reflected on the field today can no longer be covered up and today is something unacceptable for Barcelona

Thomas Muller was awarded player of the match trophy for his performance he said,” Our Team is in incredible shape right now but I think we have 12 or 15 players more that deserve this trophy as well If we work this hard and with this intensity I think for everybody out there it will tough to beat us”.


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