Bernie Sanders: ‘Trump Is The Most Dangerous President In American History’


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The Democrats are worried over the issue that if progressive’s turnout in minimal numbers than Donald Trump will win the Presidential Election, Bernie Sanders Senator from Vermont said that a majority of Progressives believe that Donald Trump is the most dangerous President in the history of United States.

He said that Trump wants to throw Millions off of Health care because he wants to offer Tax Breaks to US Billionaires, But Bernie Sanders and other Progressives hope that most Americans understand that President Trump is moving the country towards an Authoritarian society. We must have everyone come forward including the progressives, Moderates, Conservatives, and tell President that “Heroes have fought and died to protect American Democracy, and you are not going to destroy it, and we are going to defeat you”.

Bernie Sanders further stated that post-elections he together with progressive community will do every little thing they can to move Biden Administration into the most progressive way so that Everyone can have a government that represents working people, elderly people, Sick and poor people, and the children, not just 1% of Wealthy Campaign Contributors.

The senator said that his short term objective is to get President Trump beaten and Joe Biden elected in the forthcoming Election, and in the long term, he wishes to rally the American people around the Progressive’s Agenda which he believes if Democrats get control over the senate, the house, and the white house than they will make significant progress.

Bernie Sanders had Campaigned against Kamala Harris for the Presidential race and had also worked with her in the Senate, He says that Kamala Harris is very smart, very aggressive, very articulate and she will be a real asset in Biden’s campaign, He also said that he will not like to be in Vice President Mike Pence’s shoes and debate with Kamala Harris. he said that he is looking forward to work with her.

United states Post Office – New York

On Mark Meadows statement for the standalone bill to fund U.S Post Office, Sanders said that he is a strong believer in the Postal service and it should be adequately funded and make sure that everybody in the USA should receive mail delivery that they need, get the prescription, drugs that they need, but this is above and beyond the postal service it is about American democracy, a few days ago President Trump said that he wants to defund Postal services, Sanders alleged that Donald wants to destroy the postal services because they don’t want American people participating in Mail-in Ballots, he further said that the Trump administration believes that if they can suppress the votes and make it impossible for millions to vote, it will help them with the November election.


He said that we should do everything that we can to fund the postal service, not to force people to make a choice of putting their lives on the line or getting sick by going to the polling station as opposed to be able to vote from their homes, everybody should utilize Mail-in Ballots to cast their vote in November election, he said that he expects Speaker Pelosi reconvenes the house and Mitchell McConnell has the courage to do the same for the senate

On the most recent rumor that Trump wants to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin before the elections and administration officials are exploring various times and locations for Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin Summit possibly next month in New York, even though President Trump is under scrutiny and viewed by most as under the  Thumb of Vladimir Putin. Bernie Sanders said that there is a great fear of Russia and other countries continuing to interfere with US elections and instead of sitting down and meeting Mr. Putin, President Trump should be advised to tell Putin not to try to Sabotage American Elections, that should be a better approach.

On current Protests around the country over the death of George Floyd, a 46-year-old black American man, who was killed in Minneapolis, Minnesota, during an arrest for allegedly using a counterfeit bill by a police officer, Bernie Sanders said that every worker in the country is entitled to have a union engage in the collective bargain, but in recent times we have seen not only the kinds of systemic racism that exist in this country but also brutality and on occasions police murders, we want police departments to enforce the law to protect the people, not to be involved in police murders.


He said that unions do have the right to engage in collective bargaining for decent wages and working conditions but at the same time we need cities and states all over the country to make certain that when a young black male walks the street that person life is not in danger and that people are not being harassed or beaten up by the police, so we need real criminal justice reform in this country, we should not focus on putting more people in jail than any other country.

He further stated that  change needs to come from the American people and everyone should stand up against the injustice and say that we have to address a broken and racist criminal justice system and that we need police Department reform all across this country, this is what mayors have got to address city councils and if any police official breaks the law that he must be held accountable for his action.


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