Joe Biden Picks Kamala Harris as his Running Mate.


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Democratic President Joe Biden has made his choice nad has picked California Senator Kamala Harris to be his running mate, The first woman of color in history to be chosen for such a position, ending weeks of suspense and making good on a promise that he made during the primary to name a woman as his running mate, a Job Joe Biden himself held for eight years under Barack Obama.

This is a historic pick by former Vice President Joe Biden, Picking the first African American female to be a running mate on a Presidential Ticket and it comes after weeks of Deep Deliberations, She is of course a senator from California, She is someone who was in the primary running for President herself and of course She had a famous clash during the first televised debate when she took sharp aim at the former Vice President and that was something that really. Kamala Harris is a former prosecutor who is seen as a serious heavyweight player in the democratic party, all of this will help win over constituencies that Biden needs to win over.

Kamala Harris

California Senator since 2016

Former attorney general of California 2011-2017

San Francisco District Attorney 2004-2011.

Negotiated $ 25 Billion settlement from big banks over foreclosures.

Refused to Prosecute One west Bank’s Then CEO Steven Nmunchin

Biden has made the decision that she is the person who is going to be the strongest running mate and the person to serve with him if he does, in fact, win the white house, The early report shows that Joe Biden feels  Harris is someone who has tested not only the national stage in terms of running for senate, she has also run a national campaign for President Herself, someone who has been under that type of fire, someone who brings a str ong debate performance on the table, someone Joe Biden thinks would be a formidable candidate against Vice President Mike Pence on the Debate stage, Kamala Harris is, of course, one of the most outspoken critics of the Trump Administration


Joe Biden was getting a lot of pressure to choose an African-American running mate in recent weeks not only in the wake of protests nationwide in which people have been calling for change, but also because also a lot of African-American feel as though this is an inflection point in the nation’s history

It will be interesting to see in the wake of these anti-police violence protest that we have seen throughout the country, will progressives and liberals see her as somebody who is on there side on the issue of police violence or as a former prosecutor will they say this is someone who is too aligned with prosecutors’ offices and police departments


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