Microsoft promises more fairness in App store to its developers


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Microsoft pledged Thursday to make its Windows Store app store fairer to developers. While Epic Games, Spotify, or Deezer denounces the methods of Apple and Google, the multinational has promised to be transparent.

Microsoft vice president Rima Alaily posted a blog post supporting the  Coalition for App Fairness, a movement started by app developers. This alliance denounces the abuse of dominant position shown by Apple and Google.

The fight around Fortnite

Both Gafa’s Play Store and App Store have been under fire for the past few weeks. And especially since the game Fortnite, created by Epic Games, was withdrawn from the app store of the Apple brand.

Like Google, Apple takes 30% of payments made by users on its App Store. Some developers, such as Epic Games, have decided to bypass this billing

, which is considered abusive. Which earned the designer to be blocked by the digital giant.

A very low commission

The commission charged by Microsoft is only 5%. This does not prevent society from wanting to go even further to “promote choice, ensure equity, and promote innovation”. it thus ensures that it will not block access to its store to applications because of its business model.

The firm promises not to favor its own products at the expense of its competitors. The vice-president of Microsoft also certifies that the non-public data of an application collected by the Windows Store will not be used to compete with it.



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