President Trump says he might have to leave the country if he loses to Joe Biden


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Donald Trump said- If Biden wins, I may have to leave.

 President Donald Trump has said that he may have to leave the country if he loses the November 3 election against Biden.

Although he made this remark jokingly, his opponents in the Republican Party, including Biden, have spoken of his statement being true.

Trump said – “I stand against the worst candidate in the history of the presidential election”

 According to THE HILL publication, Donald Trump, while addressing a rally in Georgia on Friday night, said, “Well I shouldn’t be kidding, because you know I am standing against the worst candidate in the history of presidential elections.” If I lose, I will not feel good and maybe I will have to leave the country. ‘ In response to Trump’s statement, the former Vice President said in a tweet that he accepts Trump’s latest message.

 On the other hand, the anti-Trump faction in the Republican Party (Lincoln Project) has posted a video of Trump with a ‘Promise‘ Tag under it.

Trump also said at a rally in North Carolina last month, “I don’t know what to do if I lose to him.”

 In the 2016 presidential election he had said that if he lost to the Republican nominee, he would never be publicly visible again.


Obama to campaign for Joe Biden & Kamala Harris

Ex-President Barack Obama to campaign in Pennsylvania next week in support of Biden. On the other hand, President Donald Trump has told his supporters that Obama is a leader who cannot influence anyone. Obama’s campaign for Biden is in fact good news for him. Biden gets more viewers than Trump

Amid vigorous campaigning for the presidential election, Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden and Republican Party candidate Donald Trump held in the town hall, and more people watched Biden’s program than Trump.

The Nielsen Company said that Biden’s Town Hall was watched by one crore 41 lakh people on ABC between eight and nine o’clock at the same time, while Trump’s program was watched by one crore 35 lakh people on NBC, CNBC, and MSNBC.

 It was earlier believed that Trump’s program would have more audience as it was being broadcast across three networks, but it did not. Biden’s program lasted 90 minutes.


Trump is promoting division- Presidential candidate Joe Biden

on behalf of the Biden Democratic Party has said that Trump promotes division and will do anything he can to divert attention from his failures. Addressing a rally in the thorn-fighting province of Michigan, Biden said the country is paying a heavy price for Trump’s policies in handling the pandemic. –

 Democratic Party Vice-Presidential candidate Kamala Harris  will Start campaigning from Monday, Please note that she had to stop the campaign midway after three people who traveled on campaign flights with Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, were tested positive for the covid-19


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