President Trump Slams Joe Biden, Kamala Harris in a heated News Conference.


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President Trump has said that if he wins the election in November He is going to terminate the Payroll tax permanently, He said that the Government will be paying into social security through the general fund, he also accused that if Biden wins he wouldn’t terminate payroll taxes rather he is going to double and triple everybody’s taxes, President Trump also said that Biden wishes to quadruple regulations as he wants to put regulations on.

Trump said that one of the reasons US economy had good numbers and big bounces after the markets opened up is that they have cut many horrible regulations and Biden along with Kamala Harris will put it all back with many times more, He said Biden’s regulation policy will drive companies out and it also is going to drive people out, it’s going to dive the, to other countries and it is going to make the US not competitive with other countries.

On one question that Federal reserve bank of Dallas have commented that economy hasn’t recovered strongly enough due to the reason that the country failed to contain the virus properly, trump said that one can see for himself that other countries which were doing much better earlier but now if you see we are doing better than almost everyone with the economy, he further said that the reason the country faced headwind is that democrats from states like Carolina, Michigan and others don’t want to open due to their political motivation so as to look us bad on November 3 and that is having a huge toll.


Over Covid-19 President Trump said that the country is doing very well, and other countries are having flare-ups now that is very very substantial and these countries were model countries which were looked up to in terms of containment of the disease, but now they have just exploded with a huge number of infected patients. He said that he is optimistic that the third quarter is going to be fantastic and even the next year 2021 will one of the strongest year in terms of growth.

President Trump Slammed Joe Biden and Kamala Harris commenting that Kamala had insulted Biden on a national platform in a debate, he said that Kamala had said horrible things about Joe Biden including accusations made about Biden by a woman and now all of a she has become his running mate to be Vice-President saying how wonderful is Joe Biden, He further said that Kamala Harris wants a $ 3 Trillion tax hike and no fracking, indicating that Pennsylvania is a big fracking state if it doesn’t produce energy otherwise it will have triple taxes and unemployment. President Trump even had a disagreement over Kamala Harris’s No Fossil policy saying that it will affect many states for example taxes which is one of the largest energies producing state.


In the End Trump said that under his Presidency country has received largest tax cuts and also biggest regulation cuts.


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