Private firms hiring slumps ahead of jobs data.


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The Hiring rate slumped in July as per the latest reports in the US private sector, indicating that the world’s largest economy is not spared from prolonged coronavirus outbreak.

The private sector employed just over 167,000 people – nowhere close to the expected 1.6 million jobs by senior economy analysts. Most of the states have rolled back reopening measures due to the recent spikes in new Covid-19 cases.

Payroll services firm ADP stated “The Labour market recovery has slowed in the month of July”

{The slowdown impact can be observed in all the business sectors across all sizes.

The ISM (Institute for supply management) Report on business which is considered as one of the most reliable economic barometers of the US economy was a bleak omen, including the July unemployment rate and weekly new jobless claims data, the latter has begun to rise again in the recent weeks after plunging for months.}

In a recent interview with CNBC, federal reserve Vice Chair Richard Clarida accepted that some of the growth momentum has slowed. after the key sectors of the economy showed positive signs in May and June following the complete shut down of the economy in the months prior to that to contain the coronavirus from spreading.

“We’ll get a bounceback in the third quarter.. but it will take sometime before we get back to the level of economic activity of February before the virus struck”, stated Clarida (Vice-Chairman – Federal Reserve), He also said that the economic recovery might stretch through the end of next (2021)year.

The ADP (Payroll service firm) numbers have come at a time when Congress is discussing negotiations on a new aid package to strengthen the economy after tens of thousands of people have lost their livelihood post the lockdown which began in March.

Among the different industries, the manufacturing sector created only around 1000 new jobs, while the service sector exceeded the manufacturing sector with 166,000 new jobs created with the education and health industry gaining the most.

It was the second continuous month of growth in July as per the reports released by the ISM services index, moving up to 58.1 percent giving an economic boost to the hard-hit sector.

A reading above 50 percent means that the industry is generally expanding and below 50 percent indicates that it is contracting.a new business activity rating improved slightly to 67.2 percent whereas new orders increased by 6.1 points to 67.7 percent.

Anthony S. Nieves who is the Vice-Chair, ISM® Business Survey Committee said” Deliveries are now more closely correlating to the current supply and demand”. as the supplier deliveries index declined to 55.2 percent.

“Respondents remain concerned about the pandemic; however, they are mostly o


ptimistic about business conditions and the economy as businesses continue to reopen,” neives said.

But the growth wasn’t enough to support employment, which declined one point to 42.1 percent.

The ISM report indicated that the momentum is picking up in the service sector but Rubeela Farooqi (Chief U.S. Economist- of High Frequency Economics) cautioned that ADP data bodes ill for the country at large.

But whether that weakness will be reflected in the Labor Department data to be released Friday remains to be seen; the two surveys’ methodologies are different enough that their results may not correlate, she said.

“A substantial slowdown in private and total payrolls in July will be unwelcome news, indicative of renewed pressure on the labor market from outbreaks and repeated interruptions of activity”, Farooqi said.

The Commerce Department reported that US trade deficit declined slightly in June to $50.7 on a record increase in exports.

The deficit of $4.1 billion in the trade gap in the month of May was due to a 9.4 percent increase in the exports of goods and services, the largest on record, whereas total imports rose by just 4.7 percent.


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