Rocket attack in Afghanistan on Independence day.


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Afghanistan’s Capital Kabul was struck by Multiple rockets on Tuesday shaking the main diplomatic district and sending all the Embassies into Lockdown

The rockets were fired from two vehicles from the eastern and northern part of Kabul as per Tariq Arian who is the spokesperson for Interior Ministry

No one has come forward to take the responsibility yet, it is expected that more than 10 people have been wounded, four children were among the ten people injured. The attack has happened at a time when the United States is in the process of withdrawing their troops and encouraging peace talks to end a 2-decade long war

All the workers in the Embassies took cover in safe rooms and the entire diplomatic area was placed under lockdown.


A Government Spokesman said 14 rockets landed in different parts of the city, at least four rockets landed near the green zone, the diplomatic area home to many Embassies and NATO Headquarters.

Two Suspects have been arrested just hours before Afghan President Ashraf Ghani had attended an event in Kabul to celebrate the country’s Independence Day.

The Afghan Government had released Taliban Prisoners before they would agree to start peace Negotiations but halted the release of 320 additional Taliban prisoners on Monday until the insurgents don’t release Afghanistan Captive Soldiers, In the Peace deal Taliban were to free 1000 government and military personnel and Afghan Government were suppose to release 5000 of Taliban Prisoners.


“We were expecting suicide attacks and bomb blasts on the roads, not rockets to hit our houses,” said Habib Rahman, whose house was struck by one of the rockets.

Officials said the delay in releasing the remaining Taliban prisoners was also due to opposition from Paris and Canberra because some of the inmates are accused of killing French and Australian citizens and soldiers.


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