Several Passengers Injured as a Commuter train derails in Scotland.


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A Scotland train has derailed near Stonehaven according to the reports a number of serious injuries have been reported along with three fatalities as the engine caught fire after running off the tracks, emergency services are currently dealing with the derailed train, around 30 emergency vehicles including an air ambulance are at the scene with more continuing to arrive.

smoke can be seen at the scene and overnight torrential rain and thunderstorms have caused flooding and travel disruption across many parts of central and Eastern Scotland. Network rail has said that it was investigating the derailed describing the incident as extremely serious.

Scotland’s first lady Nicolas Surgeon said” I have just come off a call with Network rail and the Emergency Services, there are early reports of serious injuries, The Scottish Government resilience room is Operational and I will be convening a score meeting  with partner organizations as soon as possible this afternoon updates will, of course, be provided as they become available however my immediate thoughts are with all those involved in this incident”


The Incident Happened in the morning around 9.45 am, It was a commuter train that goes from Dundee to Aberdeen, but in between there’s not much except countryside, early video indicates that it might have slipped off the banks during those flash floods, now there has been a major heat wave across the UK and torrential rain.

It seems that the train got caught in the flash flood and that led to the derailment, The authorities are concerned if it has slipped down a ravine as it’s a very remote area and that’s why there are not only vehicles arriving at the scene but also helicopters because it will be remote, the injured passengers need to get to the hospital quickly so there are a lot of emergency vehicles and quite a few helicopters.

Serious train accidents are rare in the UK. The country’s last fatal derailment was in 2007.


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