Software Technology Trends In 2021


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Today, with the strong development of society, technology is an integral part. Software technology is one of them, it has great development potential. The software engineering industry is considered a hot industry that is always followed by many people. Industry experts have said that software technology will have a big change in 2021. Therefore, if you intend to join or learn about software engineering. You need to know the changing industry information every day. Be the first to follow industry trends to get the most favorable. In the following article, we will share with you the software technology trends in 2021.

Internet technology trends of things (IoT)

Software technology trend: The Internet of things is forecast to explode in 2021. Today, the average person in the world has an internet-capable device. These could be the cutting-edge smartphone technology, laptops, smart TVs, PCs, etc. According to experts, the number of people using these devices may reach 21 billion by 2021. Especially, smartphones is an integral part of man. Therefore, it can be considered that the internet of things industry will have a very fast growth rate.

However, the main form of connection of these smart devices is mainly via Wifi. Therefore, if there is no good security system, these devices are very vulnerable to attack by hackers. So the demand of software engineering professionals is constantly increasing. This will be a door of great job opportunity for many people. If you want to enter this industry, you first need to like it. Next, it is necessary to have knowledge related to big data, automation, data analysis and some programming related operations. In particular, you also need to be sensitive to the latest software technology trends.

Authentication technology does not need a password

These days, the trend of authentication technology without using passwords is very common. Most popular today, you can notice through your smartphone. It is face recognition, eye pattern recognition, fingerprint recognition to unlock, now some apps have applied these new authentication features such as English learning app, e-wallet app, app hotel room management, … According to technology experts, the authentication does not need a password. This is much safer than security with numbers or letters. So password-free authentication is also a prevailing technology area. However, this is also a challenge for technician resources.

If you intend to enter this software engineering field, you need to know the following. Firstly, you need to know about new authentication methods, which is a huge advantage. It will help you think of many new authentication methods. Of course you also need to have passion for the industry too. Secondly, you also need to have thought about software programming industry. If you achieve these factors, then the wings of this industry are open to you already.

AI software technology trend – Artificial intelligence.

Currently with the development trend of society, artificial intelligence is a huge demand. All jobs are shifting to using automated systems instead of manual labor. The application of AI in production greatly increases productivity, many times higher than manual. The jobs that require meticulous and high precision are applied by automatic machinery system. You can see that artificial intelligence is used a lot in factories. Including a factory that makes cars, motorcycles, almost all automated processes, requires very little to the human.


AI software technology trends

This is a new technology trend of the world today. Because of the immense benefits of AI, AI software technology is also in great demand. To be able to follow this industry, you need to have extremely good technological thinking. At the same time, you need to be always sensitive to new technologies in the world, so you don’t miss any changes in future technology trends. this. Always learn from previous people to gain new knowledge. What you need to have is learning from others.


The world of technology world is constantly changing and developing thousands. At the same time, in this software technology industry, there is always very fierce competition. So if you want to own yourself a part of this fertile land. Always be sensitive to new technology trends every day. Always learn and improve knowledge every day to improve yourself more. With our sharing above.


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